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Santa Barbara News Press
September 25, 1992

Larry Rankin was pleased when Sheldon Swope Art Museum in Terre haute, Ind., asked to show a piece of his sculpture. But before he had gotten around to arranging to send one, the museum had offered him a one-man show.

Rankin will have 30 pieces in stone, wood and bronze in the exhibition, which opens Saturday in the museum's 55- by 25-foot main gallery.

Packing and crating the pieces, some of which weight 300 pounds, was a monumental task in itself. But well worth it.

"A one-man museum show is really exciting," Rankin said.

Rankin was born in Terre Haute. After he graduated from Northern Arizona University he moved to Santa Barbara in 1977. Local gallery-goers are familiar with his work, which has changed over the years.

"My early work was based on the figure and was abstract, but organic and bulbous," the artist said. "Now I am doing things that are non-objective – more geometric."

Santa Barbara is the perfect atmosphere for working, Rankin said. Not only is its beauty inspirational, but he can work outdoors all year. He now has solid commissions every year – in and out of town.

Although his art keeps him busy, Rankin is a disaster team coordinator for the local Red Cross and teaches CPR and first aid.

"The community has been good to me, so I'm giving something back to the community," he said.

– Joan Crowder

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"Rankin's impulse to express himself through his art yields works as varied as they are emotionally evocative. Visiting his studio is like peeking into secret relationships, foreign lands, and imaginary spaces, and there are surprises around every corner." -Heather Jeno
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"A Giant Talent Among Us"
Thursday, November 29, 2007