Larry R. Rankin


President's Message
Westlake Village Art Guild
October 1989

We are off to a running start on our new year in the Westlake Village Art Guild. A lovely and informative evening was had by all at our delicious dinner meeting in September with Hal Reed. Since I'm writing this "before-the-fact," I can't comment on the critique of our paintings – but I'm sure we all feel privileged to have Hal Reed's opinion.

Now we look forward to our 16th annual Juried Fine Arts Show and reception on October 25th, and our October dinner meeting with Larry Rankin, a well-known sculptor from Santa Barbara.

I have returned from the Laguna Beach Festival of Arts and am so impressed with what a small band of enthusiastic artists can accomplish when willing to become involved. There is so much talent (some latent) in the Westlake Village Art Guild. We, too, can accomplish and grow to become the best we can be by rededicating ourselves to being "good" to ourselves starting with attending meetings – producing and being willing to exhibit our individual works in the Mini Gallery, with our many local merchants, or especially in our upcoming Juried Fine Arts Show this month, or simply by being supportive of those willing to stretch their abilities, and above all, let's have fun!

– Margaret Marvin, president

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"Rankin's impulse to express himself through his art yields works as varied as they are emotionally evocative. Visiting his studio is like peeking into secret relationships, foreign lands, and imaginary spaces, and there are surprises around every corner." -Heather Jeno
Santa Barbara Independent
"A Giant Talent Among Us"
Thursday, November 29, 2007