Beautiful, And Forever

On this December day, in the beautiful Santa Ynez Valley,

We have songs of birds singing praises in the trees

We could never tire.

Flowers of the garden so lovely to see.

A flowing river that flows to the sea.

The beauty of our Valley inspires the Goddess of Nature

Whose secrets we do not know.

She will live on forever...she will never die under the stars.

Unlike all other mortals such as you and I.

Nature is beautiful, and forever.

As I gaze at the stars, they are all so bright

On this clear winter night.

Watching the trees swaying with grace

With the full moon so bright in this peaceful Valley

Time moves on. Temperatures falling, days shortening,

Sunshine fading, slowly, readying the whole world for rest.

It is getting colder than the night before.

Winter is almost here, the abundant, redundant season.

For many one of the prettiest times of year.

With it's beauty, peace, and bliss a holiday filled with such cheer,

Giving and getting so many things, enjoying everything it brings.

Have you already made your list...

Waking up with hopes to find your wish inside...

Either tangible or so emotional you nearly cried,

How wonderful Winter can be from the holidays to the scenery,

My favorite, however, I have no trouble deciding,

Nature is beautiful, and forever.

Larry R. Rankin, December 5, 2014

Rose Garden