Father and Son

Father and Son I lift up my son and hold him.
I put him on my knee.
My son's fingers curl up tight
To grip my hand with might
As I bounce him on my knee.

He takes the rugged hands of mine
And helps me understand
That it will take a little bit of heaven
To help me comprehend what it will
Take to raise this little man.

Raising this little man, I daydream
Not of war, but of hunting and fishing trips,
And games we can play forevermore.
No matter what twisting course my life may take
There will be sacrifices along the way.

When he is older and he takes my hand,
I know we will never part,
For I will gladly carry that weight on my shoulders
as a dad as though life has just begun.

And he will feel my soul and always know
I did my best to raise him for his journey throughout life
Because I took my stand as a dad
On his travel down the river of life
Keeping on course out of love for a son, under the sun
And under the stars of heaven’s twilight.

Larry R. Rankin, 10-30-2002