From Within

Sculpting is a state of extreme surprise,
A wonder and an incredible astonishment to my eyes.
It is as true as can be;
that you will see...

When you create with love
and have an understanding of form and design,
What comes forth it is a blessing to you and me;
for all to see...

When finished, with a mass or pile of rubble on the ground,
What is left reveals what was found.
It is all-sufficient for the young and old,
for the simple and the bold;
for all to see...

Non-objective or abstract, large or small.
Sculpture knows no exceptions.
So never feel you are prevented or omitted from entering;
it is for all to see...

No matter who or what you are, your views have been included.
No matter what your past has been, trust to understand within.
No matter what your problem is, just place my sculptor's hammer in your hand.
You can carve out all the unwanted and find the wealth that can be shared;
for all to see...

Always remember when you put love into skill you create a masterpiece.
What is more, it will not disappear like a ripple in the water.
A sculpture will keep spreading and flowing from the creation within,
and so you see, there is no way of telling where it will ever end.....

By Larry R. Rankin