Grand Canyon

On the Havasu trail; fantastic views and breathtaking. I take a moment and stand alone...alone with myself the canyon caress me, the shade bear hugs my heart and it brings a colorful beauty to my soul...I listen and hear the wind whipping through the canyon and as I listen carefully I hear roaring water just past the Supai Indian Village.

As I escape into its natural world I enjoy the beauty of one of the great wonders. This fairytale canyon built by nature with, pillars, temples of rocks and various nature made sculptures. The spring colors shines as the sun glistens on the reddish rock and flowers adorn the land. A beauty lives in nature that always gives so much joy. It gives with pleasure that brings many dreams and memories to me with its own sweet rewards; it helps gather up my thoughts like the clouds reflecting off streams. It draws up my soul like the waters in the root of your the arteries of waterfalls it brings me together. Through its suns beauty I breathe out the air.

There is not a better place to experience the sunrise or sunset...these are amazing, as I open my soul its beauty flies into my heart like a butterfly with so much hue, it strengthens my spirit with huge wings that lifts my spirit to fly as though in the sky with the raven's. The canyon brings out so much beauty as I trek past the, Navajo, Havasu, Mooney and Beaver Falls which leads its relentless flow to the great river, called the Colorado. With each ancient stone face there is a story to tell that no human story teller can tell the true tale...words Pale.

While trekking out of this canyon grand, I got worn, tattered, whipped, beaten and battered. But at the same time I stayed uplifted by its shapes, its forms and its beauty that stirs a heightened response of the senses and of the mind on its highest level because of its excellence grace. I realize only the universal power of tremendous force could create this splendor canyon, not just might alone; no, and not just natures sculptured art. The working with such power and heart of the universe it took to create this magnificent canyon and make it the masterpiece it is. It was a harsh and wonderful hiking experience I will always remember because of the work of the wind, the rain, the sleet, the snow and the tectonic plates helped shape this canyon for all to enjoy...this canyon grand.

Larry R. Rankin, May 4, 2008

Wave of Emergence