Remnants Of A Cow Bone

My work as a sculptor is never finished...
Nature gives me the ideas that I have as a sculptor,
I just refine.

The earth carves with the wind, the sun and the
Rain that links all life with beauty and returns it
To us. Master carvers from many ages gave me
Knowledge that I can trust. I, too, lift to perfection
New works of art. Nature gives us the ideas that
We, as sculptors, just refine.

While a walking in the Arizona desert one day,
Nature provided the remnants of a cow bone. My
Sculptor’s eye took the idea from nature and lo, a
New sculpture was soon carved from my hand.
When finished, behold, it was divine.

Nature makes the world forever in the likeness of a
Dream. The carvings are the hills, the trees and bones.
All of these awaken my soul, my spirit as though it
Has been carried aloft on the wings of a breeze.

Larry R. Rankin, May 2, 2006

The bone you see in front of you is the same one I found in the Arizona desert.
It gave me the idea for "Golden Moon". It has also become "Sedona Sunset" and "Arizona Sunrise"